Leipzig in 3d!

This posting is a copy of the last post I did on the old version of my blog using Blogspot. After too many problems with page layouts and picture placements I decided to give WordPress a try.

Since I’ve been running the Somerset3d website I’ve had lots of emails from other people around the world doing a similar thing. One such person is Frank in Germany who contacted me during the Christmas holiday and runs the website 3d Photos.Net.

Header for 3dPhotos.net

Apart from Frank’s hometown of Leipzig there are also entries for Sudfriedhof, Innenhofe and other places I don’t have a chance of pronouncing correctly to do them justice. A couple of samples can be seen below. I urge you to visit the site to see the full collection.

Riquet Cafe

Uhr am Kroch-Hochhaus

Uhr am Kroch-Hochhaus

All galleries are also available to view with the orange and blue 3d glasses from Sainsbury’s used for the recent 3d week on channel 4 in the UK.

If all goes well there will be another posting soon.

See you later.

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