Swell3d, Dr Who & The Terminator

Good day to you all,

Swell3d header

Swell 3d banner

Swell3d is a website run by Sean Gleeson in Oklahoma, USA. The site is full of interesting information and 3d’s created by the man himself. Sean is a clever man. He makes 3d’s out of 2d photos and the results are stunning.

Doctor Who in 3d by Sean Gleeson of Swell3d

DrWho in 3d by Sean Gleeson

He’s promised to place tutorial on how he does this. I wait eagerly. Like myself, Sean took a break from the blog last year but he’s back and running again and I can recommend his website highly. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

I was up until the early hours last night struggling with a certain update on the Somerset3d site. Those of you who visit regularly will know I do a feature called ‘Speakin Zummerzet’. It’s an attempt to explain the Somerset dialect by introducing some words or phrases along with an audio example to listen to. The Somerset accent is a warm and friendly sound but, in my opinion, an accent that just doesn’t work in certain situations. Bill Bailey fans will know what I mean here as Bill usually mentions that he’s from the West Country in his stage shows and will provide some examples of how a well known film dialogue would sound when said in a Somerset accent.

The Terminator

The Terminator

To this end I have added a video of what the Terminator would sound like if he was from Somerset. If you scroll down the ‘Speakin Zummerzet’ page until you get to the entry for 14th January 2010 you’ll see the video. Last night I was working on another video entry featuring Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds. Alas the video didn’t load properly and will not play. I ran out of time last night but will have another look at it once I get home tonight. (Update – video now fixed)

The village featured this week is Cheddon Fitzpaine.

VW Camper van in Cheddon Fitzpaine

VW Camper van in Cheddon Fitzpaine

Cheddon Fitzpaine

Cheddon Fitzpaine

Well, that be it ver now. I’ll zid e.

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