Keeping Stock

Sometimes my 3d stock gets low, very low. This is the time I start to study weather forecasts more closely to see what days are available to me for photography. That, combined with commitments at home, provide me with the window of opportunity I need to get the photos I require for another 3d update. Such a time is now.

This week’s update of Prestleigh was taken last weekend on a flying visit Saturday morning. I planned to then shoot off to Ansford for more 3d’s but the dark sky over that area persuaded me to look closer to my current location. So Lamyatt was chosen. On the way to Lamyatt I noticed a sign for Bagborough and thought, whilst I’m this close I ought to make a visit and see what’s there. So a detour was taken. There wasn’t a huge amount in Bagborough but enough photographs were taken to provide for another posting. So, I moved on to Lamyatt. Once there I parked by the church. Raindrops on the car windscreen concerned me somewhat. So I thought I’d do the church interior first and hope the rain would have eased by the time I’d finished. Alas, it was not to be. I had to return home with just the two locations recorded for the website completed. Now I have another dilemma. You see Bagborough isn’t really listed as a Somerset town, village or hamlet. Despite the road signs pointing to Bagborough It’s really just a road called Bagborough Lane where there are farms, a vine yard and a small manor. Do I still post the pictures and make it another entry on the Somerset3d website, or do I treat the area as open country side and, therefore, miss out on an update?

To add to the equation I have torn a muscle in my calf and may not be able to walk anywhere this weekend in order to photograph a replacement village.

The bottom line is I need a double so that I can keep stock up to be able to cope with bad weather weekends or illnesses and injuries whilst also doing up the house, looking after family, going to work and sleeping.

I’ve attempted to load some photographs to show you Prestleigh and Bagborough. Unfortunately every time I tried the files became corrupt. At this moment in time I don’t think WordPress is much of an improvement on Google’s Blog tool. I’m going to have to have a good think about it before I make a decision as to continue with WordPress or try somewhere else.
Have a good weekend.

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