Dulverton featured in 3d.

Dulverton - Lorna Doone


Dulverton is an unspoilt market town situated to the east of the River Barle, here spanned by the medieval Barle Bridge. Laying within the royal forest of Exmoor it has been a major centre for hunting since at least 1365, when Sir Robert Coren was prosecuted for killing a royal stag here whilst out hunting foxes. Dulverton probably formed part of the estate of the West Saxon kings and was held by Harold II, killed at the Battle of Hastings. It is likely the town developed an urban complexion in the 14th century with a dependence on the woollen industry. It is thought that the town began around a large market place below and in front of the church, which was gradually encroached on by narrow crowded streets. In the church of All Saints is a window to commemorate Sir George Williams (1821-1905) who was born nearby and was the founder of the YMCA. The town was frequently referred to in R.D. Blackmore’s novel Lorna Doone as being the home of John Ridd’s Uncle Huckabuck.

Source: Somerset The Complete Guide by Robin Bush.

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