I love Speakin Zummerzet t-shirt

The I love Speakin Zummerzet T-Shirt

Hello and welcome to Friday,

If you’ve visited my website recently you may have spotted a new link in the main menu for ‘SHOP’.

For some years now I’ve been in the Amazon Associates scheme, where buying books, dvd’s etc that I advertise on my site will provide me a small commission. A while ago i started selling anaglyph glasses and now I’ve opened a T-SHIRT SHOP.

All three mentioned above have been combined to appear on one page  so if you are interested in supporting the website please visit by clicking the link.

I have three designs available at the moment. A ‘See the world as it is’ t-shirt with the web address for Somerset3d underneath. An ‘I Love Speakin Zummerzet’ t-shirt (shown above) and a t-shirt with the Speakin Zummerzet logo used on Facebook along with the slogan ‘Ow Bist’. All are availble in various colours at various prices.

If you are interested in a t-shirt please be aware that for this weekend only (31st July to 1st August 2010 inc) there is FREE P&P by entering the words FREEWEEKEND at the checkout..

Have a look and tell me what you think.

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